The Art of French Horn Playing

작곡자명 Farkas, Philip
출판사 Summy-Birchard Edition
분류 홈 > 악보 > Brass > Horn > Horn Studies
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적립금 285p
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    The Art of French Horn Playing
    By Philip Farkas

    1. choosing the mouthpiece and horn
    2. care and maintenance of the horn
    3. playing position and use of the right hand
    4. fingering and tuning
    5. embouchure
    6. correct breathing
    7. practice
    8. legaro and legaro tonguing
    9. tonguing
    10. staccato
    11. tone quality
    12. musical phrasing
    13. range
    14. endurance
    15. dynamic range
    16. mouthpiece pressure
    17. accuracy
    18. transposition
    19. lip trills
    20. muting and stopping the horn
    21. miscellaneous tips and aids
    22. selected etudes

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